Student house for college students, dormitory, Erasmus accommodation for foreigners– LivinnX Krakow


LivinnX is a modern, international, private student housing community in a very well connected location in Cracow. The six-floor building was created as a special place for students who expect high comfort and lots of amenities. We offer 290 units in configurations from 1 to 4 rooms. It is both a lively and comfortable community with a unique atmosphere, where every student can feel at home.

LivinnX was created as an innovative project on the Cracow map. The history of the renovated building, formerly known as Telpod – producer of electronic components, gives it a distinctive signature. Now, as an exceptional student house, this iconic building regained its former glory.

LivinnX - who is it for?

Because of LivinnX’s variety of apartment types, there is an offer for everyone. It is the team’s goal to be here for you and exceed your expectations. With our roommate matching process, we are happy to help pair roommates and allow you to have the best cultural experience from your time at university. Our dormitory is a perfect place for Erasmus students – here you can people from many countries and cultures. If you look for accommodation in Krakow during the stay in Poland LivinnX is a perfect choice!




We provide a variety of amenities for all residents of our community. Do you need a place to study? We have a special area where you can prepare for exams alone or with a group of friends. Are you an active person? We invite you to use our modern fitness center with high-tech equipment or specially arranged workout studio. You may also leave your bike in our dedicated bike park. After these activities, you can relax on our rooftop terrace and take in the views of the city. All of this is available for everyone. And it’s just the beginning!