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Patrycja is responsible for overseeing all aspects of LivinnX. She is here to ensure that every department runs smoothly in order to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Patrycja Nykaza

Property Manager

Polish and English language

+48 602 753 625

Karolina is the head of leasing. She coordinates partnerships with universities and businesses and is also involved with all marketing efforts of our community.

Karolina Pajka-Miś

Leasing Marketing Manager

Polish, English and Italian language

+48 504 797 159

Kamil is responsible for all financial and administrative matters. He is happy to provide you with all information related to payments, explain how the building functions, and assist you with settling in during your first days at LivinnX. In his daily activities, he also supports the Property Manager.

Kamil Piątkiewicz

Assistant Property Manager

Polish and English language

+48 504 795 462

Joanna is in charge of ensuring that everything in the building works flawlessly and is responsible for communications with outside vendors.

Joanna Sochacka

Facilities Manager

Polish and English language

+48 515 443 935

Oleksandr will first assist you in finding your dream spot at LivinnX, and then walk you through his magical world and spill the secrets about how this place works!

Oleksandr Medved

Leasing Professional

Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian language

+48 504 796 321

If you are still wondering what life is really like at LivinnX Krakow, be sure to get in contact with Igor. He is a member of the team responsible for leasing, and is one of the individuals who knows the community like the back of his hand!

Igor Sokół

Leasing Professional

Polish and English language

+48 504 796 321

Adam provides his support in choosing the unit of your dreams. He can tell you everything about the amenities of the building and show you what does it mean to be a part of the LivinnX community. If you have any questions – Adam is waiting for you with the answers!

Adam Pawlina

Leasing Professional

Polish, English and Spanish language

+48 504 796 321

Patrycja’s middle name is multitasking. She handles all aspects related to events, social media and LivinnX Friendly Program.

Patrycja Wierzbowska

Marketing Professional

Polish and English language

+48 728 962 504