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Cooperation is an educational project that provides a full range of services for the admission to Polish higher educational institutions. The company has been successfully operating for more than 12 years. During this time, the company established itself as a reliable team of professionals.

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EresFutbolista is an international sports management team. We are looking for soccer talents throughout the whole world! Become a soccer star with us!

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We are a group of independent lawyers, who share a mutual goal
– to provide legal services in a reliable, transparent, and professional manner,
and thanks to different specializations – also in a comprehensive way.

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Jooble is an international job search website used by millions of people daily in 69 countries around the world. The company has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006. In its 14 years of existence, it has come a long way from a startup founded by two students to a global recruitment platform. Today, according to SimilarWeb, Jooble is one of the top 3 job offer websites in the world in terms of traffic.

We invite you to visit our website:

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Krakowskie Szkoły Artystyczne – Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design
Study in English with us:

•    International School of Fashion Design (2,5 years), diploma: Fashion Designer
•    School of Creative Photography (2 years), diploma: Fine Art Photographer

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design under the pedagogical responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
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Study in Polish:
•    Szkoła Artystycznego Projektowania Ubioru (2,5 roku), dyplom: Projektant Mody.
•    Szkoła Kreatywnej Fotografii (2 lata), dyplom: Artysta Fotografik
•    Szkoła Wnętrz i Przestrzeni (2 lata), dyplom: Projektant i Dekorator Wnętrz
•    Szkoła Aktorska SPOT (2 lata), dyplom: Aktor i Aktor Scen Muzycznych
•    Szkoła Choreografii (1 rok), dyplom: Choreograf i Instruktor Tańca Współczesnego
•    Szkoła Visual Merchandisingu (2 lata), dyplom: Projektant i Dekorator Wnętrz, Specjalista ds. Visual Merchandisingu
•    Szkoła Konstrukcji Ubioru (1,5 roku), dyplom: Konstruktor Odzieży

Krakowskie Szkoły Artystyczne  zostały założone w 1989 roku i podlegają nadzorowi pedagogicznemu Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.
Zapraszamy na naszą stronę internetową:

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Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University the largest private university in Lesser Poland, located in the nearest proximity to LivinnX. The distance between us is merely 300m, only 3 minutes by foot. Currently “Frycz” has over 18,000 enrolled students on fields such as medicine, architecture, law, and acting. The university was founded in 2000 and has been successfully carrying out its mission for 20 years.

LivinnX has been cooperating with KAAFM since 2018, participating in the implementation of various projects, such as competitions organized with the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts of KAAFM. As of 2020, applicants and students of KAAFM may also participate in the competition for the LivinnX Patronage, thanks to which they will be able to take advantage of our accommodation as a reward for their academic achievements.

In the first year of LivinnX’s operation, nearly 50% of the residents living in the dormitory are students of the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University. Those are mainly students of law and medicine, as well as citizens of countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Norway.

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The College of Banking and Management in Krakow has been operating as a private university since 1995. Major fields of study include: IT, finance and accounting, and management. Since 2023, it is also possible to study Logistics, Communication and Business Psychology, Digital Marketing, and Digital Entrepreneurship. WSZiB’s offer also includes free double major studies, co-created with the Krakow corporate network and engineering studies, which include exceptional professors and professionals in this field. The I and II degree studies are complemented by postgraduate studies as well as courses and trainings available at WSZIB in various fields. The mission of the University is to provide students with knowledge at the highest level, shaping intellectuals to evolve in business. The highest priority of the University is the future of its graduates, including their professional career, which is to advance through the practice of unique professional skills.

WSZiB has been cooperating with LivinnX since 2020, when its first students lived within the walls of the student house. LivinnX is just a 20-minute tram ride away.

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Kolegium Europejskie in Krakow is a private primary school and high school, operating since 2004. Kolegium Europejskie not only features students from Poland, but also from Canada, USA, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, and many additional countries. Language learning is quick and effective in an international community. Kolegium Europejskie is a school that students attend with pleasure, and not only out of obligation. A graduate of Kolegium Europejskie is a young citizen of the world for whom attending school anywhere in the world is not an issue. Mature, self-confident, taught critical thinking and self-discipline. Tolerant, respectful of others, and able to defend their own beliefs and values.

LivinnX has been cooperating with Kolegium Europejskie since 2020. Students can live with us on preferential terms, in a separate wing of the building, subject to additional security control.

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The WSB Academy in Dąbrowa Górnicza is a university specializing in management and quality science, pedagogy and safety science.

The university offers five campuses: in Dąbrowa Górnicza (the headquarters of the WSB Academy) and in Branch Departments in Cieszyn, Żywiec, Olkusz and Kraków. The offer includes 1st and 2nd-degree studies, uniform master’s studies, executive MBA studies (partners include: Webster University) and Master of Business Administration (partners include: EY Academy of Business), is a leader in postgraduate education ( offer of over 100 postgraduate studies), runs a doctoral program, doctoral seminars, implementation doctorate.

In the Ranking of Universities – Perspektywy 2021, the WSB Academy took 3rd place in Poland (advancement from 6th to 3rd position) and is the only non-public university outside of Warsaw to obtain such a high ranking.

In the prestigious Perspektywy 2021 MBA Program Ranking, the WSB Academy was recognized especially in the “staff quality” category, obtaining 4th place for the Executive MBA program. In the overall ranking, the University took 13th place, thus reaching the “Golden Fifteen”. The general list and each of the categories include all MBA programs offered by the WSB Academy.

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The Independent Students’ Association UEK supports the cultural, research, and social development of students of the University of Economics in Krakow.
Members of the organization focus on the implementation of specific projects and tasks divided into five areas: integration of the academic community, culture, charity functions, internal development, and creating leaders. The association organizes concerts, film screenings, and meetings with celebrities from all over the world of business and culture, reducing barriers to cultural development and broadening the horizons of the mind.

LivinnX has been cooperating with NZS UEK since 2019, actively participating in the events organized by the association and supporting all actions.

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TOGETHER is a Polish Language School and the Official Examination Center for the State Examination of the Polish language.

Over the years of its operation, the school has gained extensive experience in teaching Polish to students from around the world and has branches in of the three largest Polish cities – Warsaw, Krakow and Łódź. Polish programs and courses are available in a wide variety in order for everyone to find something best suited for them. Contact with students is not limited to classes within the school walls, as there are regular thematic trips organized for students, as well as conversations on current topics related to life in Poland. As a result, the material learned during the courses is absorbed more effectively, and adaptation to life in a new country and making new friends is incomparably quicker.

LivinnX has been cooperating with the TOGETHER Polish Language School since 2021 and will be happy to host its students and listeners.

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