Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University the largest private university in Lesser Poland, located in the nearest proximity to LivinnX. The distance between us is merely 300m, only 3 minutes by foot. Currently “Frycz” has over 18,000 enrolled students on fields such as medicine, architecture, law, and acting. The university was founded in 2000 and has been successfully carrying out its mission for 20 years.

LivinnX has been cooperating with KAAFM since 2018, participating in the implementation of various projects, such as competitions organized with the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts of KAAFM. As of 2020, applicants and students of KAAFM may also participate in the competition for the LivinnX Patronage, thanks to which they will be able to take advantage of our accommodation as a reward for their academic achievements.

In the first year of LivinnX’s operation, nearly 50% of the residents living in the dormitory are students of the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University. Those are mainly students of law and medicine, as well as citizens of countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Norway.

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Kolegium Europejskie in Krakow is a private primary school and high school, operating since 2004. Kolegium Europejskie not only features students from Poland, but also from Canada, USA, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, and many additional countries. Language learning is quick and effective in an international community. Kolegium Europejskie is a school that students attend with pleasure, and not only out of obligation. A graduate of Kolegium Europejskie is a young citizen of the world for whom attending school anywhere in the world is not an issue. Mature, self-confident, taught critical thinking and self-discipline. Tolerant, respectful of others, and able to defend their own beliefs and values.

LivinnX has been cooperating with Kolegium Europejskie since 2020. Students can live with us on preferential terms, in a separate wing of the building, subject to additional security control.

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The Independent Students’ Association UEK supports the cultural, research, and social development of students of the University of Economics in Krakow.
Members of the organization focus on the implementation of specific projects and tasks divided into five areas: integration of the academic community, culture, charity functions, internal development, and creating leaders. The association organizes concerts, film screenings, and meetings with celebrities from all over the world of business and culture, reducing barriers to cultural development and broadening the horizons of the mind.

LivinnX has been cooperating with NZS UEK since 2019, actively participating in the events organized by the association and supporting all actions.

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The All In UJ Association has been operating since 2012, with the goal of creating a student reality of Krakow. All In UJ organizes events in four main pillars – Science, Culture, Sport and Party, events that relate to various socially significant issues and give the opportunity to spend free time in a productive and interesting way, attracting nearly 30,000 participants. All in UJ has created recognizable brands – All In UJ Salons, Come to the theater, a charity match of the Jagiellonian University vs AGH, BohateRun, Polonez and Salsa on the Main Square, Juwenalia z with class, and Jagiellonian Film Evenings.

LivinnX has been cooperating with All in UJ since the beginning of 2020, actively engaging in the initiatives of the Association and supporting its actions.

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